Ayanna Barham


First off, to everyone that made it over to 2016, it's good to see you. Our year has already started off full of opportunities and great reward. We sincerely hope your year is off to a positive and fulfilling start as well. Cheers!!!!

With that said, here we are with two full weeks of the New Year under our belts. Most of us have made the ultimate grand gesture...proposal....negotiation with ourselves. The ever celebrated, New Year's Resolution. Some of us are chugging along, full speed ahead, with little beads of determination sprinkled on the brow. Still others of us have already begun the familiar trek down slippery Slope Next Year. Regardless of where you land, I encourage you to journey with ease. As you line your targets in the crosshairs, remember to breathe. Peace of mind brings clarity. Clarity brings sure feet.Sure feet bring progress. Progress brings elevation. And all this is the landscape and ambiance toward Ascension.

Inside this space is light and love. It starts within in you. It radiates from you. It illuminates the world. To all of you here with us, it's good to see you! Be flawed, chase dreams, and sing in the rain. Life is about stepping up, stepping back, and knowing when to do which. Enjoy the dance!


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