...just a little Krush


Happy Love Day!!! Karmen has been getting so much love that we decided to give some back. Starting today, we will be regularly highlighting phenomenal krush-worthy women whose pouts we have had the pleasure of pampering. Without further ado, gather 'round. Karmen's got a Krush!!!


Who better to kick this off than the mother of our visionary: Heather B.


"For 33 years, I have had the distinct honor of learning what it is to be beautiful inside and out from my mother, She has a heart of gold, a smile that illuminates the darkest of moments, and a wisdom that spans generations. It is a blessing to love you mommy." -Phoenix, owner Karmen Cosmetics, LLC

Heather's Favorite Lippies: "Drakon because it makes me look beautimous and makes my lips soft, not dried out... I get a lot of compliments. And Flare brings out my youth."

We have it on good authority that your youth is always out and about. Keep loving life, blow lots of Karmen Covered Kisses, and SMILE cuz Karmen's got a Krush on you!!!

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